Long overdue updates …

So yes it has been a while. The one liner efficiency of Facebook posts have been spoiling me of late. But I felt like writing so here goes..

First, the Grassroots Music Festival is happening this weekend and I am playing on Sunday . This is not a solo set but a full band assault with most of the members of Ayurveda and Mandy Gurung( yes I am married). Even though I have played the festival a couple of times, this time feels special because unlike the previous ones  this set will be pretty much all Nepali songs. Needless to say , I am very eager to play this year’s Grassroots festival which BTW will feature some brand new songs. I will try to get some video for your viewing pleasure.

Second, right after Grassroots, me and Dan ( Photoreal ) are going to spend a hopefully intense two weeks finalizing our debut EP. This is going to be the big one, though we have been releasing stuff sporadically ,we have been saving the really good stuff and it is all going to spew out of this EP in majestic gooeyness. The songs we have decided for this release are by far some of our best and most inspired moments.  It has taken us this long because the journey of the Photoreal has been a long and windy( twisty not blowy) one, but that is a story for another post. So be on the look out for that if you are into this kind of music  which is NOTHING like Ayurveda.  You have been warned : )

Third, I have been steadily chipping away at some new Nepalese tunes, and at this point I am debating wether I should spring the cash and get it professionally done or just DIY it. I have been keeping up on my mixing studies so I am thinking of releasing a few on my sound cloud page . The songs are a nice mix of  folky stuff, heavy stuff, beatlesy stuff all kinds of …..stuff. It  picks up where Rato Mato left off. What about Adhunique? Well that is a chapter in the Photoreal story.

Lastly,  I am doing some out of town gigs in August, Dallas on the 10th and Boston on the 17th with the Normal Academic boys ( more info on my fb page). They are all solo looping shows, and I think I finally cracked that nut, to a certain extent. Those of you who follow my musings know about my interest is looping. For a while I was using my laptop , which I still use with The Rungs(more on that later…), but it started to become cumbersome in a way.

The biggest reason is that with the computer your options are endless, put a little reverb on this..this needs some delay..oh and I definitely need this plugin that reverses my guitar signal and transposes it up a..blah blah blah. For nerdish guys like me thats a dangerous proposition and things can get a little too experimental. Which is not a bad thing, in fact, I enjoy that quite a bit . However, for people who come to my Nepali shows to hear the Rato Mato tunes, it was overkill. So now, its back to the basic  looper pedal, no click tracks,minimal effects, just build a loop using your internal bio rhythm machine. Sometimes it works, Great! other times it fails stupendously and you just have to say” Sorry that was awful, let me try that again” and thats OK. People have been forgiving so far.So far. Cheers.

face the face of face


From friday..

Here’s a song from Friday’s Photoreal show. This song is called Uncle, and like a lot of Photoreal songs its about creatures real and imagined. On a side note, our stage set up really kicks ass!

Photoreal in Ithaca this Friday, March 1

I am super excited to be playing a show at the Haunt this weekend with Pppffftooreeell.

We have been working on some new tunes and with each new song I feel that we are finally honing in on a definitive sound. Its interesting that it has us what seems like a really long time. We knew we were jumping into a whole new direction when we decided to call it quits with Ayurveda, but I think its surprising just how deep we ended up diving.Nevertheless we are coming back up for air , our flippers paddling furiously and our pouches chockfull of treasures and wonders from the depths. See you there!

p.s thanks to Wade Asa for a beautiful poster!



Ktm shows this month

You heard it here first; we are finalizing a few details but as of now, I will be playing two shows in Ktm this Jan.

My friends from Albatross and some other local musicians are going to be playing the backing instruments as well as organizing the whole thing.

We intend to perform tracks “Rato Mato”, “Being” “Hi: FLy” and a few choice covers.

The tentative dates are the 18th of Jan at the House of Music, and the 25th of Jan at a venue yet to be announced.

See you soon : )