Diwas Gurung is a musician currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. He was born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal. In 2002, he arrived in the United States to attend Ithaca College, where he became of one of the founding members of the progressive rock band Ayurveda with which he released two full length albums and four EP’s.

Despite graduating with a degree in Economics, he decided to  devote his life to the performance and recording of music both Nepalese and English. After Ayurveda disbanded in 2011, he started a new project with Dan Halperin called Photoreal, where he is the primary singer and lyricist. The band has garnered praise for its ‘dreamy and beautiful’ songs.Till date, they have released three singles and are currently recording more songs.

2012 also found Diwas forming a band with his wife Mandy Gurung aptly named The Rungs. They make what can only be described as ‘sunshiny pop’! The band released a self titled EP and are constantly performing in venues all over the east coast.

Diwas Gurung has recorded and released a Nepalese album as a solo artist entitled “Rato Mato” and and two EP’s named “Adhunique” and “Jharana Sahar”. His nepalese music has been extremely well received and over the years have gathered a large fan base that identify with Diwas’s interpretation of Nepalese folk music.

In his spare time, Diwas enjoys mixing and producing other artists in his home studio in New York.