New EP – Jharana Sahar (Waterfall City)

At long last it seems like I will be releasing a collection of songs. It took me long enough, but the past few years have been challenging and transformative. It seemed essential to allow myself the opportunity and time to absorb the flux and channel it into my music.

This EP which will have four songs is called ‘Jharana Sahar’. It is an ode to the place where I grew up; Budhanilkantha School. Nestled on the base of the Shivapuri hills, the school will always hold a special place in me for its ties to my friends and my family as well. Since my mother was a teacher there, we lived in one of the flats in the compound. It was where I learned to ride a bike, learned my first guitar chords, where my sister was born; it was home.

Time can drag sometimes but when it flies, its devastating in its speed. Sometimes I think about the past ten years of my life and it hits me how little of it I have actually spent with my family. Its a sentiment shared by many of us who live abroad and when it sinks in you the sadness can be debilitating.

When I try to reminisce about my childhood the picture that looms supreme is that of the huge Shivapuri hills right in our backyard. Its lush greenery is still vivid in my mind. The thing I remember the most though are the numerous breathtaking waterfalls that resided on the hill’s benevolent visage. Hence, Jharana(Waterfall) Sahar(City).

All the songs in this EP deal with a yearning amplified by time. It is also an essential ache that keeps us human, a wispy reminder that we are infinite in our capacity for love.

‘Jharana Sahar’ will be released on March 27

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